Mug Shot for Accused Livestream Shooter Will Make Your Blood Run Cold, But His Squad Car Pic Is So Much Worse


On Wednesday night an armed man allegedly committed various random shootings across Memphis, Tennessee, in what local authorities are calling a “mobile mass shooting.”

The man, 19, livestreamed the shootings on Facebook Live.

According to WATN-TV, the shooter killed four people and injured three others during the shootings.

A screenshot of the alleged shooter’s mugshot, shared by Townhall Media’s Mia Cathell, is now making the rounds on social media, with many commenting on its disturbing nature.

More specifically, social media users find the photograph disturbing because, after reportedly committing the mass shooting, the accused appears to be grinning.


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“Evil is real,” one user commented. “The smile of pure evil,” another tweeted.

“This is what happens when progressive judges & prosecutors are in power,” another user added.

Should this man be given the death penalty if convicted?

Yes: 100% (24 Votes)

No: 0% (0 Votes)

According to Cathell, the alleged shooter was released from prison after serving 11 months of his 3-year prison sentence for a prior aggravated assault conviction.

Attempted first-degree murder and felony firearm charges were “dismissed,” in this prior case, according to Cathell.

Perhaps even worse than the picture of his mugshot is a picture of the suspect taken inside of a squad car during his arrest.

Cathell shared this picture, as well, which shows him grinning from ear to ear.


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“Memphis mass…


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