MURDOCK: Americans Should Take a Hard Pass on Biden’s Plan to Import Hamas


(Deroy Murdock, Headline USA) In his flattest brainwave yet, President Joe Biden hopes to import refugees from the Gaza Strip. This rotten idea should be blasted with a drone.

After reviewing internal federal documents, CBS News’s Camilo Montoya–Galvez reported Tuesday that Biden wants “refugee status” for certain Gazans.

This designation “offers beneficiaries permanent residency, resettlement benefits like housing assistance, and a path to American citizenship.”

What could go wrong?


Biden’s proposed immigrants could be Hamas terrorists. Chances are, they at least would be Hamas supporters.

The Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research’s April 15 poll of 750 Gazans found that 71% call “correct” Hamas’ “offensive against Israel on 7 October.”

Meanwhile, 93% of Gazans “think Hamas did not commit war crimes during the current war.”

America should spurn a population in which 71% applaud the unprovoked massacre of 1,200 innocent Israelis whom Hamas raped, murdered, mutilated, and incinerated. Dead babies occupied ovens. Jews in ovens: Sound familiar?

Hamas assassins gunned down motorists who drove through southern Israel. They fatally shot families as they slept. Hamas cutthroats paraglided into the Nova Festival and slaughtered 370 ravers who danced until dawn. For God’s sake, who kills music fans?

As a rescuer who encountered Nova’s dead recalled in a temporary Manhattan-based exhibition about this atrocity: “In some cases, they [Hamas] set them on fire and burned them in such a way that when we examined them, we suddenly realized what had appeared to us as one person was actually three.”

Oct. 7 was the worst single-day orgy of Jew killing since Auschwitz. And 71% of Gazans approve.

This is Biden’s next reservoir of immigrants? Is there a bottom to this buffoon’s idiocy?

With a real per-capita GDP of $5,700 in 2022, per the CIA World Fact Book, Gaza is slightly poorer than Nicaragua. Thanks to Hamas’s monomaniacal focus on butchering Jews rather than boosting prosperity, few Gazans offer skills that America needs.

Typical Gazans neither understand nor appreciate constitutional republicanism, the rule of law, individual liberty, or any of America’s other founding and guiding principles. Freedom House observes: “No open elections for any office have been held in Gaza since 2006.”

Gaza’s schools teach anti-Jewish hate. Textbooks deny the 3,500-year presence of Jews in Israel and even erase the Hebrew names of its cities, e.g. rechristening Tel Aviv as “Tel al-Rabia.”

“Children are taught that waging jihad is a religious duty,” the Middle East Media Research Institute reports. “The messages imparted to children are replete with anti-Semitic motifs that demonize the Jews, presenting them as the eternal enemies of the Muslims, as subhuman ‘descendants of apes and pigs,’ and as bloodthirsty savages with whom no dialogue or reconciliation is possible.”

As anti-Semitism explodes from coast to coast, America should reject people who have simmered in anti-Jewish venom since Kindergarten.

If Gazans seek safety—perhaps while the Israel Defense Forces enter Rafah and exterminate every last Hamas rat—then why not move to Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, or (what a concept!) the West Bank? Why bypass those Arab destinations and, instead, jet 12 hours to America?

So far, Biden has let 9.4 million illegal aliens break into America. These invaders are wrecking U.S. cities and states. They are swelling government budgets, exhausting municipal services, clogging public schools, and hiking crime rates. To this, the execrable Joe Biden chants, “More! More! More!”

Biden does all of this to impress Muslim voters in Dearborn and secure Michigan’s 15 electoral votes. Period.

If maintaining power and control requires that Biden wave poor, unskilled, anti-democratic anti-Semites into America, so be it.

Political calculations get no more mercenary.

If Biden possessed even a drop of shame, he would ditch this rotten idea and dedicate his fading faculties to securing Edan Alexander, Itay Chen, Sagui Dekel-Chen, Hersh Goldberg–Polin, Omer Nuetra, and Keith Siegel. These forgotten U.S. hostages—still kidnapped by Hamas—are the only people in Gaza whom America should welcome.

Deroy Murdock is a Manhattan-based Fox News Contributor.


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