MURDOCK: Trump’s Manhattan Trial Makes the Big Apple Ripe for Picking


(Deroy Murdock, Headline USA) President Donald J. Trump’s so-called hush-money trial will trap him in Judge Juan Merchan’s Manhattan courtroom every weekday but Wednesdays for the foreseeable future. Democrats have plotted to keep Trump off the campaign trail. He should crush their dreams and spend weeknights courting Northeastern voters.

Trump previewed this strategy at the Sanaa Convenient Store at Broadway and West 139th Street in Harlem, deep inside the 13th Congressional District.

The Census Bureau describes NY-13 as 53.4% Hispanic, 25.3% black, and just 18.8% white. With a Cook Partisan Voting Index of D+38, this is New York State’s most Democrat congressional district. This seemed like the last place Trump dare venture.

But when he did so on Tuesday evening, a warm crowd cheered, “USA! USA! USA!” and “We love Trump!” Chants of “Four more years!” erupted before these Manhattanites burst into “The Star-Spangled Banner.” Trump snapped photos with voters, shook their hands, and answered journalists’ questions.

Trump visited the bodega where ex-con Austin Simon attacked store clerk Jose Alba in July 2022, while fighting over a bag of chips. As Simon’s girlfriend, Tina Lee, stabbed Alba, he fatally knifed Simon in self-defense.

Trump’s tormentor, far-Left Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, jailed Alba (a novelty for the pro-criminal prosecutor) and charged him with second-degree murder.

After New Yorkers revolted, Bragg exculpated Alba, who decamped to the Dominican Republic.

“You have to stop crime, and we’re going to let the police do their job,” Trump said. “They have to be given back their authority.”

Harlemites captured these scenes on their cell phones and shared them with friends and loved ones who vote in New York and beyond. News cameras broadcast these images across America.

Trump achieved this triumph without leaving Manhattan.

Here is how Trump can duplicate this model every evening after Merchan adjourns his trial:

  • Return to upper Manhattan to see the Harlem Educational Activities Fund. This civil-society gem enriches low-income, inner-city students, 100% of whom graduate high school and enter college. Trump should highlight HEAF as a model for private-sector minority uplift.
  • Ride to Brooklyn to tour the Chabad Lubavitch Headquarters. Surrounded by Orthodox Jews, Trump could reaffirm his stalwart support for Israel and solidarity with the Jewish people.
  • Cruise to the Bronx to enjoy a burger at a local diner and then catch a Yankees game.
  • Step onto Staten Island, the Big Apple’s GOP stronghold. Local Republican Congresswoman Nicole Malliotakis could re-introduce Trump to the voters who handed him a 56.9% to 42% victory over Joe Biden in Richmond County.
  • Journey to Nassau and Suffolk counties, both run by Republicans. Trump could rally fans and comfort survivors of those murdered by MS-13’s homicidal illegal aliens.

A convincing margin on GOP-trending Long Island and a commanding lead in pro-Trump Upstate would give Trump two of three ingredients to clinch the Empire State.

The third: Get beaten but not bludgeoned in NYC. If Trump mirrors 2022 Republican gubernatorial nominee Lee Zeldin’s performance outside Gotham and secures 40.8%, rather than Zeldin’s 30.2% in The City, Trump could take New York State.

Add RFK Jr. to the ballot, subtract demoralized Democrats who stay home and sulk, and New York’s 28 Electoral College votes could be Trump’s.

Probable? No.

Plausible? Suddenly, Yes.

  • Trump’s helicopter could whisk him to Pennsylvania’s (19 electoral votes) Bucks County and the posh Main Line. He could tell suburbanites his proposals to stop squatters, slash crime, and sandbag Biden’s plans to force high-rise apartments into bedroom communities. In Philadelphia, Trump should appeal to minority entrepreneurs, black parishioners, and parents aching for robust school choice.
  • Trump Force One could whisk him to New Hampshire (four electoral votes), to rally his troops. Granite Staters love town halls. Trump should arrange them, so voters could see him up close and on local and national TV.
  • As the trial adjourns at mid-week, Trump should fly on Tuesday evenings and spend Wednesdays in Virginia (13 electoral votes), North Carolina (16), and Georgia (16). Trips to Michigan (15) and Wisconsin (10) would take longer. But that’s why God created jets.

Trump needs little sleep. Slumbering after events might be all the rest he needs before resuming each morning’s persecution. The kinetic, peripatetic Trump will contrast starkly against Sleepy Joe Biden, who seldom shuffles far from the White House or his Delaware mansions.

Trump’s appearances would refute the Left’s Big Lie that he “threatens democracy.” Who jeopardizes this constitutional republic, the candidate who asks Americans every evening for their votes or the Democrats desperate to imprison him?

Trump’s positive gatherings also would outshine the menacing portraits of him that prosecutors will paint from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Until this show trial ends, the days belong to New York’s injustice system. But the nights belong to Donald J. Trump.

Deroy Murdock is a Manhattan-based Fox News contributor.


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