Musk Shuts Down AOC in Brutal Public Fight: ‘Stop Appealing Me’


NBC Information host Medhi Hassan, among one of the most pompous and uninviting people on tv, released a warning Sunday about billionaire Elon Musk and also his acquisition of the social media giant Twitter.

“It’s easy in American discourse to speak simplistically regarding the much left and also the much right as two equally unsafe fringe blocks. Elon Musk has actually done it lots of times just in the past week,” Hassan said on his MSNBC show.

“Yet right here’s the distinction,” he claimed. “America’s much left wishes to provide us complimentary health care as well as totally free child care. America’s far right wants to give us white preeminence and no freedom.

“And also this asymmetrical polarization of united state national politics would be absurd if it weren’t so terrible. We are enduring an unspeakably unsafe moment, the pro-QAnon, pro-neo-Nazi faction of the Republican Party is poised to increase dramatically come the midterms. We’re simply 2 years far from Donald Trump really potentially reseizing executive power.

“If that takes place, we may look back on this previous week as a pivotal moment, when a petulant as well as not-so-bright billionaire casually got one of the globe’s most prominent messaging makers and just commended the much ideal.”

The British-American host was wrong on two points.

First, Hassan painted Musk as a Republican due to the fact that he sustains totally free speech. Nonetheless, the Tesla as well as SpaceX CEO is neither a Republican neither a conventional. He chose Head of state Barack Obama. As Democrats moved further to the left, Musk’s political beliefs stayed where they would certainly constantly been, as well as the gulf between them expanded larger.

Musk is a patriot. He recognizes that America was established upon freedom and also needs to never ever abandon that concept.

Second, Hassan specified the far left as those that wish to provide us totally free healthcare as well as totally free day care. That could be true, but far-left extremists’ intentions for doing so are not selfless. Their objective is to make people completely reliant upon the government because people are a lot easier to control in this way.

When Grabien owner Tom Elliott tagged Musk in a Twitter clip of Hassan’s remarks, the billionaire unleashed …


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