New Horror Film Has Audiences Fainting and Vomiting in Theaters ⋆ Where do we draw the line between art and torture? ⋆ Flag And Cross


Yes, it is irrevocably true that art is subjective.  We can never know precisely what the eye of the beholder, well, beholds, and for that very reason art itself is a bit of a democratic-type thing, in which we vote with our attention and/or our money.

And, for some people, art is only about pushing the limits.  Instead of making something pleasant and intricate, some creators enjoy making people uncomfortable.  Maybe it’s a movie that deals with a sensitive subject matter, or some offensive lyrics in a protest song.

But when this overzealous art-making is tethered to gore and violence, it becomes hard to see the value in it.

This is why so many people are talking about a new horror movie that is pushing the audience’s buttons in the worst possible way.

A low-budget sequel film in the “Terrifier” film series is causing visceral reactions from moviegoers – with many viewers sharing they puked or passed out due to the goriness of the movie.


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“Terrifier 2,” a horror film written and directed by Damien Leone, follows a resurrected Art the Clown that is looking to terrorize a teenage girl and her younger brother on Halloween night.

Upon its release in select theaters, fans immediately started tweeting their reactions to the slasher movie.

Just how bad was it?

One person shared to Twitter, “My friend passed out and the theater called an ambulance. Highly recommended.”

Another person wrote, “So I umm… just got done watching Terrifier 2.. and yeah, this has been the most disturbing movie I have ever seen. Like this s— is on a different level of sadistic. We were so stunned that we couldn’t even speak after it ended.”

One attendee shockingly revealed, “Terrifier 2 is so gory I puked in my popcorn.”

The film’s director revealed that some fans have suggested that these reports are a marketing ploy – an accusation that he vehemently denies.



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