New ‘Traditional’ on ‘The View’ Gets Shredded by Dana Loesch on FBI’s Mar-a-Lago Raid


With headlines still howling about Monday night’s unprecedented raid by the FBI on the home of previous President Donald Trump, the current “conservative” voice on “The View” proved why she’ll fit right in with the talk show’s ignorant shrews.

Luckily for real conservatives, analyst and talk show host Dana Loesch got on hand to let her understand simply exactly how wrong she was.

As well as it just took one Twitter article to prove it.

Alyssa Farah Griffin, a turncoat previous staffer in the Trump White Residence, officially signed up with “The Sight” last week. The reaction to the statement alone showed how unhinged some liberals are, as they were upset that anybody associated with Trump would be worked with, also if she is demonstrably anti-Trump now.

Trending: Huge Migrant Caravan Marches Toward United States with LGBT Flags Traveling as Mexican President Snubs Biden at Summit Showing her new authentic to her new masters at ABC, Lion required to Twitter on Monday night with a warm take shortly after Trump announced

the FBI raid. Naturally, she didn’t denounce the action– a workout of executive branch power a lot more matched to a banana republic than the globe’s transcendent constitutional republic. For Lion, the issue was the conservative response.” The inflammatory rhetoric originating from some on the Right this night is frightening,”she composed, in words coming right out of the leftist playbook.”Chosen authorities require to tone down the unsupported claims and also

allow the realities play out. In this environment words matter a lot.”The inflammatory unsupported claims coming from some on the Right this night is frightening. Elected authorities need to reduce the unsupported claims and let the realities play out. In this setting words matter so much.– Alyssa Farah Griffin (@Alyssafarah

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