New Trouble for Elon as Neuralink Horrors Prompt Federal Probe ⋆ Some of the details here are rather grim. ⋆ Flag And Cross


Just because eccentric billionaire Elon Musk bought himself a seat at the globalist table by purchasing nearly-bankrupt Twitter for $44 billion, doesn’t mean that he’s suddenly less eccentric.

The world’s richest man, (who just so happens to helm Tesla, SpaceX, Twitter, and more), is also pushing the boundaries of ethics and science with Neuralink – a company working to meld man with machine via computer intrusions to the brain itself.

Of course, such a leap in science can only come with a great deal of testing, and increased testing means increased failure as well.  And when you’re dealing with something as fragile as a living brain, those failures are bound to be abhorrent.

In Musk’s case, Neuralink’s failures were so grim that a federal investigation has been initiated.

Elon Musk’s Neuralink, a medical device company, is under federal investigation for potential animal-welfare violations amid internal staff complaints that its animal testing is being rushed, causing needless suffering and deaths, according to documents reviewed by Reuters and sources familiar with the investigation and company operations.


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Neuralink Corp is developing a brain implant it hopes will help paralyzed people walk again and cure other neurological ailments. The federal probe, which has not been previously reported, was opened in recent months by the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Inspector General at the request of a federal prosecutor, according to two sources with knowledge of the investigation. The probe, one of the sources said, focuses on violations of the Animal Welfare Act, which governs how researchers treat and test some animals.

Complaints from within the company were somewhat gruesome.

The investigation has come at a time of growing employee dissent about Neuralink’s animal testing, including complaints that pressure from CEO Musk to accelerate development has resulted in botched experiments, according to a Reuters review of dozens of Neuralink documents and interviews with more than 20 current and former employees. Such failed tests have had to be repeated, increasing the number of animals being tested and killed, the employees say. The company documents include previously unreported messages, audio recordings, emails, presentations and reports.

The news comes at a poor time for Musk, whose takeover of the aforementioned Twitter has rife with controversy.


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