New York DA Berates Cop Over Speeding Stop, Igniting Condemnation


(Luis Cornelio, Headline USA) A New York district attorney is under intense scrutiny after the release of bodycam footage showing her berating a police officer who attempted to pull her over for speeding unsuccessfully.

The six-minute video footage captures Monroe County District Attorney Sandra Doorley’s standoffish attitude toward a cop who pursued her home after she failed to comply with a traffic stop on Monday.

“I’m the DA. I was going to 55 coming home from work,” Doorley asserted from her garage, as seen in the viral video.

“55 in a 35!” the officer retorted, reminding her of the speed limit. 

“I don’t really care,” Doorley snapped back. “You can call Dennis Kohlmeier right now,” she added, referring to the Wester police chief.

In the video, Doorley, visibly agitated, declared, “I know the law better than you.” 

“What is it you’re so against me? I’m doing my job. You say you’re a DA?” the officer questioned. 

“I am THE DA,” Doorley declared defiantly, before hastily retrieving her badge from her car. 

In response to accusations of attempting to evade consequences, Doorley defended her actions, asserting that she contacted the police chief “to inform him that I was not a threat and that I would speak to the Officer at my house down the street.” 

As seen in the footage, she conversed on the phone, likely with Kohlmeier, asking, “Can you please tell him to leave me alone.” 

Despite the officer’s request for her to stay, Doorley refused, stating, “No, I’m not staying over here.” 

In light of the controversial exchange, the Rochester City Council urged Attorney General Letitia James to initiate an investigation into Doorley’s behavior during the failed traffic stop, reported local news outlet 9WSYR.

“Recent body camera footage, shared by the Webster Police Department, has raised significant concerns regarding Ms. Doorley’s behavior during a traffic stop in Webster,” the council conveyed in a letter to James, questioning her fitness as district attorney.

Initially elected as a Democrat in 2011 and later re-elected in 2015 after switching to the Republican Party, Doorley is currently serving her fourth term, according to the Democrat and Chronicle newspaper.


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