Newsom Is Handed ‘Every Politician’s Dream’ as His Likely Re-Election Nears


In January, the Los Angeles Times reported that Democratic California Gov. Gavin Newsom had “every politician’s dream” — a massive budget surplus and no real opposition from Republicans.

“There seems to be nothing standing in the way of California Gov. Gavin Newsom,” the first line of Taryn Luna’s report read.

In the short term, perhaps not. However, state budget surpluses come from tax windfalls, and tax windfalls come from taxing residents. What happens when you start running out of residents to tax?

Because that’s what’s slowly but surely happening in California. According to U-Haul’s annual report, California remains the top state for outbound migration — and that migration was likely undercounted because the truck supplier ran out of inventory in the Golden State.

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We’ve been covering California’s outbound migration trend here at The Western Journal for some time now, even if the establishment media doesn’t want to examine its implications. If you want a fresh view on why people are fleeing America’s most populous state, consider helping our cause by subscribing.

So why is there nothing standing in Newsom’s way? Well, as Luna noted, California had “another year of gushing tax revenue,” which “ensures that the politics of plenty will continue to define his first four years in office.” Furthermore, a “Legislature teeming with Democrats and his easy defeat of the recall election have made him even more powerful.”

“Newsom’s allies say his good fortune provides him a rare opportunity to focus on creating a better California for future generations, allowing him to spend time working on a long-term agenda that could become his legacy,” she wrote.

“But amid a recent statewide spate of smash-and-grab retail thefts, a worsening homelessness crisis and other pressing issues, Newsom’s record as governor will hinge on whether he can make progress on the problems of today and meet the needs of tomorrow.”

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