CIA Officials Hand Down NO Punishment for Agency’s Sex Abuse Scandal


(Ken Silva, Headline USA) The House Intelligence Committee has released the results of its investigation into sexual abuse at the CIA, finding that the agency failed to properly handle allegations of sexual assault and harassment within its workforce.

However, the report did not recommend any punishments, instead proposing a legislative solution to the CIA’s culture of abuse.

The House report stems from January 2023, when a CIA whistleblower approached the committee with CIA, alleging that she had been physically attacked and sexually assaulted at CIA headquarters by a fellow officer. In the following weeks, additional whistleblowers shared their own personal experiences of sexual assault and sexual harassment while employed by CIA.

The House Intel Committee launched an investigation into the matter, interviewing 26 CIA whistleblowers, holding two hearings and reviewing more than 4,000 pages of records. The report also said the committee “engaged constructively”with CIA Director William Burns—not mentioning that Burns’s links to one of the most notorious sexual abusers in American history: Jeffrey Epstein.

The House committee’s investigations yielded eight main findings, including that “there was confusion and disorder in the process for reporting sexual assault and harassment.”

Rather than hold anyone within the CIA accountable, the committee instead said the sex abuse problem can be handled legislatively.

“It was evident CIA was unable to appropriately address the challenges due to its lack of certain tools and authorities,” the committee’s report said. “The Committee sought to provide CIA with what it needs to fix these gaps in the Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2024.”

The CIA has fired the initial whistleblower. The victim’s lawyer said the whistleblower’s firiing was a blatant act of retaliation for reporting the assault.

The attorney, Kevin Carroll, reportedly told the Associated Press that the agency had “unlawfully ended a young woman’s career only because she had the moral courage, lacking in her managers, to stand up and be a witness about her sexual assault.”

The CIA, for its part, has reportedly denied wrongdoing in relation to the whistleblower retaliation allegation.

As for the sexual harassment problem, the agency provided the following comment to the Associated Press: “We are absolutely committed to fostering a safe, respectful workplace environment for our employees and have taken significant steps to ensure that, both by bolstering our focus on prevention and strengthening the Agency’s handling of these issues when they arise.”

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