‘No One Is Coming to Protect You,’ Border Patrol Agent Warns


The agent gave the interview anonymously to NewsNation and the news source cast him in a shadow and changed his voice to protect his identity so the Department of Homeland Security would not be able to punish him for speaking out.

“The biggest thing is that we do not control the border. The cartel controls the border. Everything that we do is a reaction to things that they have planned. Usually, we’re chasing around pawns while the kings and queens are doing whatever they want,” the agent said.

The anonymous agent then talked about the seriousness of the threat posed to Americans by so many people illegally entering the country, saying that the threat to American citizens is “absolutely” real.

“These huge give-up groups that we’re getting, you know, the media is only reporting what they can report on, right? Which is, statistically speaking, a small percentage of the actual bad guys that we’re catching. The really good ones, we will never catch… Our border is by no means secure,” he said.

The agent then pointed out that local law enforcement has a hard time dealing with criminals who are U.S. citizens and the influx of illegal aliens who are committing crimes within the country, adding that Americans would need to take it upon themselves to make their safety a priority.

“No one is coming. No one is coming to protect you,” he said.

The ongoing crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border has had detrimental effects on the nation, with cities and states spending millions of dollars to take care of people released by Border Patrol to U.S. citizens falling victim to crimes committed by the processed illegals, Blaze Media reported.


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