No Prison for Leftist Who Punched Female Capitol Police Officer


(Ken Silva, Headline USA) Last November, some 200 Palestine supporters gathered in front of the Democratic National Committee headquarters to protest the party’s support for Israel.

What ensued was not peaceful.

According to Capitol Police, the group moved dumpsters in front of the exits, pepper sprayed officers and attempted to pick up a bike rack. During the chaos, 24-year-old Ruben Arthur Camacho of Woodridge, NY, allegedly slammed a female officer into a garage door and then punched her in the face.

Camacho initially claimed self-defense, but later pled guilty.

Hundreds of protestors from the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol Hill uprising have been sent to prison for non-violent crimes. But Camacho was given a mere 48 hours of community service in a deferred sentencing agreement in December, as revealed by reporter Julie Kelly on Monday.

“Camacho was not charged in federal court. He was charged in DC (local) Superior Court by DC US Attorney Matthew Graves, the same Biden appointed prosecutor continuing to arrest and charge J6ers with assault on federal officers. Camacho did not have to face Judge Beryl Howell or Judge Tim Kelly or Judge Royce Lamberth in the DC federal courthouse,” Kelly wrote on Twitter.

“Camacho was not denied release from jail pending trial or plea; he was not condemned as an ‘insurrectionist’ or ‘domestic terrorist’ by federal prosecutors. No, because Camacho participated in a protest sanctioned and funded by Democrats, he got a slap on the wrist.”

Kelly said the treatment of Camacho demonstrates what Graves’s office told her a few weeks ago: the Justice Department will treat pro-Palestine protests with kid gloves.

“No harsh coverage at NBC News or WashPo or CNN about how a Democratic Party activist punched a female cop in the face. Ryan Samsel did far less than that to Ofc,” she added.

“Caroline Edwards but he was incarcerated for 3 years denied release awaiting his trial. Nope, Camacho only has to perform 48 hours of community service in DC then his case goes bye bye.”

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