Notorious Jan. 6 Cop Running for Congress Beat His Stepson, Pointed Gun at Wife


(Ken Silva, Headline USA) Punchbowl News revealed shocking details this week about the 2012 suspension of former Capitol Police officer Harry Dunn, who is now running for Congress as a Democrat in Maryland.

Dunn’s 2012 suspension for mishandling his firearm was already reported in conservative media, but this week the startup liberal publication Punchbowl News published a police report from that incident. According to the police report, Dunn was in a November 2011 domestic dispute with his then-wife and stepson, in which he assaulted and pointed a gun at her. The police report also details allegations that he beat the stepson.

The report said that Dunn had instructed the stepson to wash the dishes while the then-wife attended to her infant daughter. Dunn found that his stepson disobeyed his order, and was angry that the stepson was “disrespecting” him.

When the then-wife tried defending her son, “Dunn became more hostile and proceeded to ‘smash’ her up against the wall,” the Montgomery County Police report said.

Later, the stepson went to his bedroom while the wife called her sister. Then, “Dunn went into the spare bedroom and retrieved two firearms: one rifle and one handgun,” the police report said.

The wife told police that “Dunn aimed the handgun in the direction of her face.” When the wife told him to stop pointing the gun, he allegedly said, “I can’t shoot you, I don’t have the clip.”

The wife told police that was the first time Dunn pointed a gun at her.

During the Montgomery County Police’s investigation of the incident, an officer observed that the stepson’s glasses were broken. The stepson, whose name is redacted in the report, told officers that Dunn broke the glasses while beating him.

“Originally, [the stepson] was to be attending a function at his school. H. Dunn responded to his school to pick him up. H. Dunn then learned that [the stepson] was with his friends at the above referenced restaurant. When H. Dunn arrived at the restaurant, [the stepson] advised H. Dunn physically struck him in the arm and then struck him in the face twice,” the report said.

“When asked if he sustained any injuries as a result of being physically hit, [the stepson] advised other than some swelling to his jaw, he did not sustain any other injuries.”

Dunn, for his part, adamantly denied the allegation that he hit his stepson in the face. He did admit to striking him “in the arm with the palm of his hand (5-6 times) because he felt [the stepson] needed to be disciplined for being out late at night without permission,” the report said.

As for the dispute with his wife, Dunn claimed self-defense.

According to the report, the two were in a heated argument, during which “[the wife] squeezed his testicles and scratched his leg as the altercation continued. In response, H. Dunn advised he physically grabbed a hold of Danyel’s arms and physically drove her to the couch in an effort to defend himself.”

Dunn also accused the wife of “wiggling” a knife at him. He further denied pointing a gun at his then-wife, saying he was removing the firearms from his bedroom to avoid an escalation in violence.

“Dunn then stated he retrieved his weapons because he wanted to act responsibly and remove the ‘weapons from the equation,’” the report said.

About a month after the incident, Dunn’s then-wife stopped cooperating with investigators. No criminal charges were filed, and Dunn was only suspended for three days for  improperly storing his department-issued gun.

In response to the police report obtained by Punchbowl News, Dunn and his now-ex-wife stuck to their original story that no violence transpired during that November 2011 incident.

The Punchbowl News report is the latest blow to the reputation of an officer whom Democrats made a poster boy for the Capitol Police following the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol Hill uprising.

Dunn has made numerous dubious claims about what happened on Jan. 6, including that protestors called him the N-word and shouted numerous other slurs at him. Dunn should have the body cam footage to prove his claims, but so far no footage has shown protestors attacking him or shouting racist slurs.

More recently, Dunn was found to have given false statements about the Oath Keepers, according to an investigation from Blaze Media.

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