ONLINE VIDEO: Oh Young Boy … Joe Rogan Just Said One Thing That May Acquire Him CANCELLED … Trans Folks & Protestors Are PISSED


Rich Welsh|Joe Rogan entered into the entire “Lia Thomas is a man playing women’s sporting activities” argument and also claimed that the NCAA transgender swimmer competing and also controling is an “assault on girls’s sporting activities.” And also leftists strongly believe that statement is an attack on transgender folks since leftists are ridiculous.

I feel a bunch of the transgender action concerns dealing with organic females coming from society in the sense of being actually a category of the human species.

During an episode of “The Joe Rogan Expertise” on Thursday, the # 1 podcaster threw in his 2 pennies on Thomas being actually thought about the most effective “females’s swimmer” by claiming it is absolutely nothing except “dreadful” for the transgender action.

“What it is currently is not good,” Rogan said. “What it is right now is assault on ladies’s sporting activities, and the suggestion that any person will think it is actually fair that someone who was actually number 462 as a male, 462 in the country is actually leading as a female a year later on, and that is actually reasonable,” claimed Rogan.

It’s about time somebody possessed the spheres to state it. [pun intended]

Thomas is a biological male and no quantity of surgical operation, chemicals, or stretching out is actually heading to alter that … ever. He is actually a 5th year senior who completed for 3 years on the guys’s crew prior to transitioning to female, which ultimately implies eventually he got out of bed and also presumed, I’m mosting likely to be a girl now. After that, Thomas’ ranking rose exceptionally from 462 in the men’s college swimming to # 1 as a female college swimmer.

I need to coincide Rogan. It is actually not fair to the girls who worked doggedly to compete to be blown out by men that couldn’t suffice as a man and currently claim to be a woman. They are actually not females.

During the program, comic Yannis Pappas joked, “You do not believe perhaps it was her passion for swimming that obtained her to leading? Or even transforming diet plan?”

Rogan pointed out, “Could be, possibly just becoming her correct personal.”

“I can easily think of every other factor it could be. I’m merely going passion for swimming,” Pappas poked fun once again.

“Yet that might be the woke straw that breaks community’s camel back. Ladies are thus frustrated, or parents,” Rogan added. “If your child is actually competing, and they’re contending versus a trans lady, …


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