Op-Ed: 1 Little Legislation in All 50 States Will Be a Game-Changer When Roe v. Wade Falls


NBC News host Medhi Hassan, one of the most pompous and unappealing individuals on television, provided a caution Sunday concerning billionaire Elon Musk as well as his acquisition of the social media giant Twitter.

“It’s easy in American discussion to talk simplistically concerning the far left and also the far best as 2 equally hazardous edge blocks. Elon Musk has done it plenty of times just in the past week,” Hassan said on his MSNBC show.

“However here’s the distinction,” he stated. “America’s much left wants to offer us totally free healthcare as well as complimentary day care. America’s much best intends to give us white supremacy as well as no freedom.

“And this asymmetrical polarization of U.S. politics would be absurd if it weren’t so horrible. We are enduring an unspeakably dangerous minute, the pro-QAnon, pro-neo-Nazi faction of the Republican politician Event is positioned to increase significantly come the midterms. We’re just two years away from Donald Trump really potentially reseizing exec power.

“If that happens, we may look back on this previous week as a zero hour, when a petulant as well as not-so-bright billionaire casually purchased among the globe’s most significant messaging devices and simply commended the far best.”

The British-American host was wrong on two points.

First, Hassan painted Musk as a Republican due to the fact that he sustains free speech. Nonetheless, the Tesla as well as SpaceX CEO is neither a Republican nor a conventional. He voted for Head of state Barack Obama. As Democrats moved even more to the left, Musk’s political ideas stayed where they ‘d constantly been, and also the gulf in between them expanded wider.

Musk is a patriot. He comprehends that America was founded upon flexibility and should never ever desert that principle.

Second, Hassan defined the much left as those who want to give us cost-free health care and free day care. That may be real, but far-left extremists’ intentions for doing so are not altruistic. Their objective is to make people entirely dependent upon the federal government since individuals are much easier to manage by doing this.

When Grabien founder Tom Elliott tagged Musk in a Twitter clip of Hassan’s remarks, the billionaire unleashed …


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