Op-Ed: Has God Already Deserted America?


Some leading evangelicals think and also teach that America is currently, as a country, experiencing God’s judgment.

If those evangelical leaders are appropriate, it would certainly stand to reason that as an individual believer or public slave striving and sacrificing so much to turn our country around, you are simply squandering your time.

Are you struggling against a foregone conclusion? I think not. However let me qualify that position: I do not think America is experiencing the abandoning rage of God, yet the substantial wrath of God. Whereas the last form of God’s wrath can be turned around, the former can not.

In this week’s D.C. Holy bible study, “Is God Evaluating America Today?,” I look into this inquiry in terrific detail. Is God similar to the lifeguard that has blown his whistle as well as stated “Everyone out of the swimming pool”? Or do we have a possibility to make improvements and also turn this nation around?

If God has already abandoned America, why would we be attempting to treat a downwardly spiraling condition that can not be corrected? Is that the appropriate way to think of this concern? Based on Bible, I do not think America is experiencing God’s rage of abandonment.


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Prior to examining essential flows, it is very important to initially comprehend God’s feature of judgment (penalty) and the scriptural types in which it manifests itself. The question can then be asked regarding which kinds of judgment apply to America.

God’s rage as revealed in Scripture exists in 5 types: everlasting rage (hell), eschatological wrath (The Day of the Lord), catastrophic rage (Sodom as well as Gomorrah, the Flood), desertion or abandoning rage (removing restriction), and also consequential wrath (gaining and sowing).

Obviously, substantial wrath is evident in every date of scriptural history, and also in the church age of today it applies to individuals, groups, cities, states as well as nations.

Instances of this would certainly be the numerous inviolate laws of deep space: In the world of business economics, if you overspend you will certainly suffer monetary difficulties, otherwise insolvency; on the planet of physics, if you jump off a structure you will suffer busted bones, if not fatality. In a larger sense, if a nation breaches God’s concepts, that country will at some point reap what it has planted.

Has God abandoned America?

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