Op-Ed: I Asked My Representative for 2020 Election Info


I have been rattling the cages of my state representatives concerning election integrity since 2020. I have contacted numerous members of the North Carolina General Assembly in an effort to spur them into making sure elections are free and fair.

My concerns in this article are not about the so-called “election denying,” but about free and fair elections, whether you are a Republican or a Democrat.

Liberals are screaming, “They are trying to steal our democracy!” If by that they are saying we are trying to stop their mob rule, they are correct.

Other than that, how can you steal from someone something that they do not have? Our nation is a republic, not a democracy.

In a democracy, the majority rules, while in a republic the minorities have a voice by electing representatives. Without this consideration, the minorities would always be overshadowed. There is a big difference between these two types of government, and a democracy is not nearly as fair-minded as a republic.


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It is no wonder liberals have taken the Pledge of Allegiance out of most schools. In pledging allegiance to the flag, we also pledge allegiance “to the republic for which it stands, one nation, under God.”

In the course of rattling the cages of my state representatives, I sent them the Wikipedia definition of “free and fair” elections. That definition is as follows:

“A free and fair election involves political freedoms and fair processes leading up to the vote, a fair count of eligible voters who cast a ballot (including such aspects as electoral fraud or voter suppression), and acceptance of election results by all parties.”

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With articles speaking to dead people being on the voter rolls in North Carolina for 20 years, there are obvious concerns about fraud. Consulting with members of the North Carolina legislature, they told me that they did seek voter information from the Democrat-controlled elections board that each party is entitled to see under state law. Then a representative told me that the elections board refused to share…


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