Op-Ed: Is Israel on the Edge of War with Palestinian Arab Terrorists (Yet Once More)?


Palestinian Arab terrorists opened up fire on Israeli Jews staying in external Jerusalem on International Holocaust Memorial Day.

Among the mass-casualty attacks struck a synagogue in the center of night petition solutions ushering in the Jewish Sabbath. 7 were eliminated and also others were wounded in the most dangerous terrorist strike by Palestinian Arabs in around 15 years.

Somewhere else, a 13-year-old boy-turned-gunman shot at Israeli Jews in a crowded street, hurting two individuals before an Israeli Jewish civilian with an exclusive gun permit promptly returned fire and also neutralized him.

The wave of homicidal physical violence comes just days after an Israel Defense Pressure operation on Jan. 26 in the Palestinian Arab city of Jenin situated in the Yehudah v’ Shomron area (likewise described as the West Bank).

The IDF mentioned that it sought to hinder an imminent attack by a local cell of the dangerous terrorist organization, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad. During the hours-long raid, IDF army pressures were assaulted by Palestinian Arab gunmen and also others. The terrorists contended Israeli soldiers from the roofing systems as well as from the streets; they even ruined an IDF drone mid-flight. Returning fire, the IDF drivers eliminated 9 Palestinian Arabs and also wounded others. Just one of those killed appears to have been an uninvolved noncombatant and also not a gunman or various other combatant or hostile.


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In action, the following day Palestinian Arab terrorists released a barrage of rockets out of the Gaza Strip right into southerly Israel. Punitive, the Israeli Air Force accomplished sorties versus Gazan terrorists– particularly Hamas– consisting of the successful bombing of an underground rocket workshop.

And now, acts of homicidal violence are erupting all over Israel. Besides the previously mentioned terrorist shootings that left 7 dead– including a 15-year-old kid– a Palestinian Arab gunman opened up fire on an Israeli Jewish restaurant outside of Jericho in the Yehudah v’ Shomron location. Thankfully, his weapon obstructed after the very first bullet was terminated, and also he fled. Israeli safety pressures have launched a manhunt for the shooter.

In reaction, senior Israeli cops officials have increased the fear sharp standing to the highest level, as well as they are also encouraging private citizens with firearm licensing to lug weapons. (Isn’t it fascinating that when there are mass …


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