Op-Ed: Traditionalists Can Not Compromise with Wickedness for Concern of Polarization


When was the last time you heard somebody say America is also polarized?

They might add that we’ll have an entirely split nation at the rate things are going. As opposed to the USA of America, we will be the divided states of America.

The assumption of the aforementioned is that polarization is bad, not good. However what happens if the contrary held true?

To better recognize our constitutional republic, we have to go back to the beginning of our country and the original Puritan inhabitants who preceded our government. Essentially, we were individuals looking for liberty as well as the right to be assisted by our conscious as well as our God, without Huge Sibling supervising (or unduly demanding) us.

Bluntly put, those principles were traditional. Our predecessors opposed King George taxing us without providing us a vote, as it appeared reasonable that the fledgling colonists must have input in their pioneering lives. Moreover, they didn’t wish to acquiesce a state religious beliefs. Our great-grandparents essentially wanted to like their next-door neighbors as themselves and be laid off to prosper or stop working.


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Today, we have it much even worse than under King George. Unlike most of our current control-freak leaders, George greatly left us alone from his throne, hundreds of miles away. Instead, today we have countless politicians as well as politicians called George, Joe and also Joan taking a breath down our necks, computing and also dreaming up new methods to choose our pockets and also manage our lives further. It’s a hefty yoke called “woke.”

The woke beast needs complete blind approval of everything from the scrap scientific research of global warming to transgender surgical treatment to brand-new as well as broadened means to avoid as well as finish pregnancies to speed up the elimination of the mankind.

So rather than trying to stay clear of polarization, we should embrace it. We must embrace the 10 ethical guidelines for living bied far by Moses and shun the “morals” being force-fed to us by our misdirected leaders. After all, benefits ought to be polarized from evil. Or else, it’s all grey Laodicean laxness without any precepts or absolutes.

So, yes, we require to remain polarized completely. We require to maintain faithful to our other halves; we need to tell the truth and not steal, murder or covet. Politicians, specifically, need to quit fancying what we have. We need to remember …


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