Pastor John MacArthur Calls Out Gavin Newsom’s ‘Reprehensible Act of Gross Blasphemy’ in Fierce Letter


He’s sometimes affectionately called “Johnny Mac.”

But there’s nothing frivolous about 83-year-old Pastor John MacArthur of Grace Community Church in Los Angeles’ San Fernando Valley. The man can be a low-key teacher or a tightly-aimed laser beam.

And his every word embodies gravitas. Ask California Governor Gavin Newsom.

On Thursday, MacArthur wrote Newsom an open letter accusing him of “gross blasphemy” and of reversing the scriptural duty of a civic leader “to reward those who do well and to punish evildoers.”

Critical of Newsom’s promotion of abortion, MacArthur ended his thousand-word letter with a call for the governor to repent of his sins and to receive Christ.


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It’s a powerful letter. And, contrary to a lot of squeamishness some have on the issue, MacArthur demonstrates how the church is to relate to the state.

He takes aim not only at Newsom reporting California’s posting of pro-abortion billboards in seven states, but of using in the advertisements the sentences “Love your neighbor as yourself. There is no greater commandment than these,” quotations of Jesus.

“You further compounded the wickedness of that murderous campaign with a reprehensible act of gross blasphemy,” wrote MacArthur, “Quoting the very words of Jesus from Mark 12:31 as if you could somehow twist His meaning and arrogate His name in favor of butchering unborn infants.

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“You used the name and the words of Christ to promote the credo of Molech (Leviticus 20:1–5). It would be hard to imagine a greater sacrilege,” MacArthur said, referring to ancient child sacrifices to the god Molech.

Regarding Newsom’s obligation to promote good and punish evil, “You have not only failed in that responsibility; you routinely turn it on its head, rewarding evildoers and punishing the righteous,” MacArthur said.

He told Newsom “many of your policies reflect this unholy, upside-down view of honor and morality.

“The diabolical effects of your worldview are evident in the statistics of California’s epidemics of crime, homelessness, sexual perversions (like homosexuality and transgenderism), and other malignant expressions of human misery that stem…


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