Planned Parenthood Will Spend $10M to Oppose Pro-Lifers in 2024 Swing State


(Dmytro “Henry” Aleksandrov, Headline USA) Planned Parenthood announced it would be spending millions of dollars to campaign against pro-life candidates in North Carolina for the 2024 election so that Republicans would not be able to gain control of the governor’s mansion.

PP, Planned Parenthood Votes, and Planned Parenthood Action PAC North Carolina said on Apr. 25, 2024, that they would be spending $10 million to support and promote pro-abortion candidates, the Daily Wire reported.

The baby-murdering groups also said they wanted to knock on over a million doors to oppose Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson’s, R-N.C., campaign for governor.

“Our goal is clear: to protect abortion access in North Carolina, we must ensure voters know abortion is on the ballot this year,” Emily Thompson of Planned Parenthood Votes said.

PP will spend money on digital advertising, phone banking, mailers and additional brainwashing at the far-left college and university campuses.

Democrats decided to make abortion a key issue in the 2024 election, hoping to make sure that pro-abortion Americans would not even consider voting for anyone other than a far-left political candidate. North Carolina, a battleground state in 2024, was narrowly won by Donald Trump in 2016 and 2020.

“As we head into November, all eyes are on North Carolina because abortion access across the entire region will be determined by the results of this election. Our success is absolutely critical this year to protect abortion access and defend the bodily autonomy of every North Carolinian,” Thompson said.

In 2023, the Republican-controlled state legislature overrode Gov. Roy Cooper’s, D-N.C., veto of a law protecting unborn children at 12 weeks.

The “Care for Women, Children, and Families Act” law limits abortions after 12 weeks, with exceptions for rape or incest until 20 weeks and fetal abnormalities until 24 weeks. The override of the law required all Republicans in the state House and a recently defected Democrat to vote together.

Cooper wanted to convince some Republicans that murdering unborn babies is justifiable by saying that the law would “harm… pregnant women and their families,” but was unable to do so.


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