PRECAUTION GRAPHIC VIDEO CLIP: “LEAVE MY BUILDING!” Shooting Fatality of Girlfriend’s Ex-Husband Cause No Charges For TX Guy


It appears that The United States is returning to its roots as a nation that recognizes one’s right to defend on your own from fierce aggressors. First the Rittenhouse verdict as well as right now this …

one hundred percent Tired — In Lubbock, TX, a comparable situation will likely be headed to the courts after a dangerous November 5 fight between a partner of a mama her ex-husband along with whom she discusses safekeeping of their little one switched fatal on the main veranda of the partner’s home.

Online video footage derived from 2 different perspective shows the sweetheart Kyle Carruth, and also Chad Read, the ex-husband of Christina Read, in a hot disagreement over picking up their child coming from Kyle’s residence.

The disagreement that occurred on the front deck of Carruth’s home triggered the shooting fatality of Chad Read after Read sought to battle for the gun.

Daily Mail— The footage, grabbed through Jennifer Read from a parking lot on the road outside Kyle Carruth’s South Lubbock residence, presents Chad Read saying along with his ex-wife and Carruth.

Kyle Carruth– using a black leading and also jeans– is actually listened to saying to Chad Read to ‘get off of my residential or commercial property. Chad Read, who is wearing a teal top as well as jeans, gestures with his upper arms as Carruth reverses to go inside the house.

Chad Read turns around and carries on talking to Christina Read, informing her that he prefers his son, that he was actually meant to have custodianship of from 3:15 p.m that day, according to Jennifer Read in an sworn statement submitted after the case.

‘I’m supposed to possess him at 3.15,’ Chad Read is actually heard mentioning to Christina Read. ‘Yet you’re participating in video games informing me that I must pick him up at six?’

The pair proceed claiming, with Chad Read advising that his child is perhaps at his ex-wife’s mother’s home. Christina Read is listened to informing him that she wished to find him, to which Chad Read mentions: ‘I do not care if you desired to find him or not.

‘I receive him at 3:15. If you want to find him, you may find him up until 3.15. You maintain attempting to keep my child from me; I’m going to grab you, …


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