Prince Trudeau’s Mounted Cops Trample Elderly Female Throughout Peaceful Protest


The serene demonstration in Ottawa turned violent over the weekend but not how the webs like to claim. Protesters remained serene however under the orders of the rotten prince Justin Trudeau, authorities were sent out in to break up protesters at all costs.

Throughout that procedure, the mounted police were brought in and two protesters were run over under the feet of their horses. One of those victims took place to be an elderly woman with a walker but the Ottawa Cops Chief claimed the act was justified:

“They dealt with a barrage of resistance, pushing and vitriol. We all saw that the protesters were aggressive with the officers and we needed to use horses at one point,” Authorities Chief Steven Bell stated at the conference. “As a result, we reacted this morning by adding helmets and batons to our devices for the security of our officers.

He continued, “Our officers continued to deal with resistance at one point, a flare was sparked by a protester. Officers used a chemical irritant likewise known as pepper spray, to distribute unlawful demonstrators who were resisting cops orders. Regretfully, we once again saw young children being brought to the illegal demonstration and to the front of our cops.”

Reporters questioned Bell on reports and video that supposed to reveal violent clashes in between the horse-mounted officers and protesters.

“What I can show exists was two members of the protesters who did collide with the horses. They dropped,” Bell told the reporters. “They immediately returned up and started to once again participate in their demonstration and demonstration activity. That is among the scenarios where as we monitor it, we’re recognizing this details as rapidly as we can, offering precise, real info about what is taking place on the ground.”

On Twitter, Ottawa authorities claimed that a bicycle was tossed under one of the horses in an attempt to injure the animal. That’s a lie. As you will see in the video their ‘bicycle’ is the wheeled walker utilized by the elderly protester. The footage also proves that she did not throw her walker under the horse.

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