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You know what they claim: The larger the bark, the smaller the bite.

This absolutely seems real as it refers to Russia, a country long thought of as an army superpower efficient in dominating unknown lands with the breeze of a finger. Today, that myth is shattering further week-by-week, as well as it’s pressing the Kremlin to make totally hostile threats to the world at world in order to be taken seriously in all.

Much of this actions seems tied to Vladimir Putin’s vanity, and a new report appears to suggest that the Kremlin is taking additional care to maintain the Russian Federation President’s sensations from obtaining pain.

Russia’s federal media watchdog has a secret group of individuals entrusted with shielding Vladimir Putin‘s ego– and also notifying the president’s spooks must there be any kind of online mentions of him as a “bald dwarf,” Hitler would-be, or a “burglar.”

That’s according to the independent electrical outlet iStories, among several wire service to reveal the unique findings of a leakage from Roskomnadzor today. The agency was targeted by a group of Belarusian cyberpunks late last year that claimed they had actually breached an interior network as well as stole a ton of data from a department charged with “controling” the media. That information was ultimately handed over to independent Russian journalists that launched their examinations this week.

Just how negative is it?

Among one of the most disturbing discoveries is that staffers at the federal company assemble reports on all “adverse publications” concerning Putin as well as utilize an interior messaging system to orient the governmental management and Russia’s safety solutions on every one of the president’s critics.

Putin’s image is supposedly kept an eye on practically around the clock, with staffers signing on at 8:30 every early morning to try to find any online chatter that can position a threat to the Russian leader– including any kind of memes that diminish his macho photo, such as his face superimposed over the body of a crab, or the similarly threatening affirmation, “Putin is a crab.”

One record assembled complying with a go to by Putin to Kaliningrad focused fanatically on “negative reactions” on the Russian internet to the president’s discussion with regional residents, according to iStories. The censors focused on issues that Putin’s communications with citizens were a “cheap spectacle” and that the “locals” were most likely just participants of his protection group in disguise.

The relocation …


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