RED ALERT From Arizona: The Ballots Are … ️


Syndicated with permission via Valiant News| Jack Hadfield|

Voters in Arizona’s Maricopa County are reporting ballots being misprinted to such a state that machines are rejecting them from being tabulated.

Tyler Bowyer, the COO of Turning Point Action, tweeted on Tuesday showing his experience when attempting to vote in Maricopa County, revealing that his ballot had been severely misprinted. “The reader rejected it, and had we not inspected the ballot before voting we likely would have been told just to leave the ballot behind,” Bower said.

After speaking to the Poll Chief at the polling station, who reprinted a new ballot for Bower, she said that the misprinting was an “ongoing issue” with the printers at the station.

Further reports have come in from Maricopa County confirming that around 20% of polling locations are experiencing problems with the tabulation machines, which Bower noted to Charlie Kirk was creating “extraordinary” and “dysfunctionally long lines.”

“This is part of the problem as why people are not having their ballots being read,” Bower added. “You have bad equipment, faulty equipment, machines that need to be replaced, and the poll judge there told me that they’ve requested it hours ago for replacement, and they can’t even get people to pick up the phone from Maricopa County.”

Many Republicans, especially those who are concerned with election integrity, have issued voting advice to those experiencing misprinted ballots and other issues in Maricopa County, recommending that they should either try another polling station if they have not checked in, or if they have, to use accessible voting machines at the site, or leave the ballot to be tabulated later by hand.


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