Report: Guatemalan Gov’t Investigating Child-Trafficking at U.S. Border via NGOs


(Jacob Bruns, Headline USA) The Guatemalan government has launched an investigation into potential child trafficking at the United States southern border, trafficking allegedly facilitated by supposedly humanitarian NGOs.

Robby Starbuck, a conservative influencer and filmmaker who raises awareness of child trafficking, posted video footage of his recent interview of Guatemalan Secretary General Ángel Pineda, who offered Starbuck some disturbing details:

According to Starbuck, it is likely that NGOs are “potentially involved in some way in these operations,” though he was quick to clarify that “nothing’s been proven yet.”

In response to Starbuck’s line of questioning, Pineda suggested that tens of thousands of children from his country have disappeared into the United States and are now unaccounted for.

“Somebody told me about 85,000 children going to the United States that nobody knows what happened to them,” he told Starbuck, noting that he and his colleagues often hear reports of child abuse at various NGO facilities, prompting the investigation.

However, upon attempting to request aid from the U.S. federal government, Pineda and other officials were simply dismissed and told to stay out of it because they were “playing with fire.”

Specifically, the Guatemalan government has indicated that, Changing the Way We Care, the World Childhood Foundation, Arise and La Unión del Pueblo Entero may be using their positions to abuse children.

Such an ambiguous claim could be taken several ways, but notably the early stages of the investigation materialized in a recent raid of an NGO called Save the Children–an NGO with ties to President Joe Biden, as First Lady Jill Biden was previously the chair of Save the Children.

During the interview, Pineda largely reiterated claims reported initially by Fox News contributor Sarah Carter about the Guatemalan government’s dealings with both U.S. officials, as well as their more fruitful collaboration with officials in the state of Texas.

Carter noted that that Guatemalan Attorney General María Consuelo Porras asks Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton were cooperating in the investigation.

“These Guatemalan children have reportedly been placed in shelters and organizations throughout Texas under the guise of providing them with a family environment,” Porras wrote last month, adding that “sexual abuse” appears to be prevalent in the shelters provided.

In response to the news, the ever-left New York Times ran a hit piece on Guatemalan officials suggesting that their attempts to protect children are nothing more than a political maneuver to target nonprofits.

Despite much of the American media and government aligning against them, Pineda said he and his colleagues intend to continue the investigation.

“We are working the investigation,” he noted.


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