Reporter Asks Kari Lake if She’ll Be Trump’s VP, Gets Blown Away by Answer Proving She Is for the People


Arizona Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake has never been shy about her friendship with former President Donald Trump. However, she said that doesn’t mean she is interested in being his running mate should he run for president again in 2024.

On Wednesday, a reporter questioned Lake about the possibility of joining a presidential ticket alongside Trump.

“If Trump were to tap you to be VP, is that something you would consider?” the reporter asked.

As usual, Lake did not hesitate with her response.

“No. … First of all, I don’t like Washington, D.C. — especially don’t like it now,” she said. “It’s funny, though, that that question is asked, because for so long, many of you in the media have been trying to act like I don’t have the skill to run for governor.


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“Now, apparently, I’m so skilled that you think I should be VP. So I take it as a compliment. Thank you for asking.”

Lake’s response was absolutely perfect for multiple reasons.

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First, she did not fall into the trap of criticizing Trump or speculating about his potential 2024 run.

It is possible this reporter just wanted to know whether Lake would consider running with the former president and the question came from genuine curiosity. Given the record of the establishment media, however, that scenario is unlikely.

It is much more likely the reporter was trying to catch the GOP gubernatorial candidate saying something damaging.

Maybe he wanted her to say she would join a Trump ticket to create the narrative that she planned to abandon Arizonans after just two years, or maybe he wanted to set up some sort of animosity between the two Republicans.

Instead, Lake used the question as an opportunity to address criticisms about her qualifications to be governor.


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