Reporter Puts Biden’s COVID Hypocrisy on Display with Ultimate Checkmate Question to Press Sec


A Fox News White House correspondent leveled a devastating question at White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre following the announcement of President Joe Biden’s decision to unilaterally forgive billions of dollars in student loans using the HEROES Act of 2003.

Jacqui Heinrich asked about the “legal basis for canceling student debt” during a Thursday news conference.

“The HEROES Act hinges on student debt cancelation being tied to the pandemic and that being a national emergency,” Heinrich said.

“But the administration argued in court that the pandemic is over at the southern border to lift Title 42. It’s so over that the government is going to stop buying vaccines in the fall and shift to the private sector, so how is this a national emergency? How is COVID a national emergency when it comes to student debt?”


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Jean-Pierre’s response was verbose and difficult to follow.

“Look, we use the HEROES Act because there are going to be some people when we lift the pause that’s still going to suffer,” she said.

“They’re still going to have a little bit of a hard time, and so that’s one of the reasons that we made this decision because as we’re lifting up the pause, yes, you know, some folks may — the having not to pay for two years has been helpful to them and were able to save and are probably going to be able to pay those monthly payments.

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“But there’s going to be some folks who are going to have a hard time because they’re just in a different bracket, right? They’ve probably had a hard time before. We have to remember this is a system,”…


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