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A viral video suggests there’s reason to believe Russian President Vladimir Putin is hiding a secret even as the eyes of the whole world are trained on him.

Nearly two weeks into Russia’s invasion into Ukraine, rumors about the leader’s health — including one theory that he’s experiencing cognitive decline because of Parkinson’s disease — have resurfaced with a vengeance.

While the Kremlin has denied such claims, a video clip from a meeting just before the invasion between Putin and Alexander Lukashenko, the president of Belarus, perhaps tells a different story.

The clip shared on platforms such as Reddit and Twitter appears to show the Russian president putting a shaky right hand to his chest before using an awkward kick of his right foot as he steps forward to greet Lukashenko in Moscow on Feb. 18.

An AFP News Agency video from that event begins just after this greeting and shows a more steady Putin, though it supports the claims of the clip’s origin.

Though it would seem odd that Putin would have a public meeting while exhibiting such symptoms, it’s notable that Belarus, which shares a border with both Russia and Ukraine, would later become a launching site for Putin’s attack on Ukraine, Reuters reported.

There may be other explanations for these movements, but a man purporting to be a nurse further uncovered the significance of Putin’s tremor and gait in a TikTok clip that had nearly 300,000 likes by Thursday afternoon.

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“Nurses and medical professionals, I’m gonna show you a video and this is why we should be terrified,” the user — @musclesandnursing — said before rolling the clip.


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