Rescue Initiatives Underway After Cyclone Ian Entirely Cuts Florida Island from Mainland and Causes ‘Catastrophic Damage’ ⋆ Flag As Well As Cross


Florida’s Sanibel Island, situated just of the state’s western coast near Ft Myers, was ruined as well as separated in the aftermath of Typhoon Ian.

CNN reported two individuals killed on the island.

The Sanibel Causeway, a three-mile bridge linking the island with the mainland, was severely damaged in the storm, according to The New York City Times. CNN’s report claimed the bridge fell down in 5 places. That means the island can only be accessed by watercraft or helicopter.

Lee Region officials said the island received “catastrophic damage,” according to the Times.

“It got struck with actually biblical storm rise,” Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said, according to the Tampa Bay Times. Roads as well as structures were washed away, he stated.


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Sanibel Mayor Holly Smith claimed about 200 homes chose not to leave prior to the tornado. She claimed 12 people who were wounded had actually been evacuated, with one more 40 saved who were unhurt, according to CNN.

“Boats are in the water and now heading to or are on island for search as well as rescue. All people on the island requirement to be removed,” she stated, according to WUSF-FM.

“I am battling to discover the words to share my sensations, as I make sure most of us are as we look to the previous 4 days. All our lives as well as our island have actually been forever altered. What we do tomorrow as well as the days and also months ahead will redefine and also enhance our community,” Smith said in an update to the island’s roughly 6,500 residents.

When asked by CNN if the island were currently comfortable, she claimed, “Frankly, no.”


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