RFK Jr. Vacationed in Cuba, Praised Communist Dictator Fidel Castro


(Dmytro “Henry” Aleksandrov, Headline USA) Robert F. Kennedy Jr. proved once again that he was not as moderate as he wanted voters to believe after it was revealed that he praised communist Cuba and its infamous dictatorial leader, Fidel Castro. 

In 1996, RFK Jr. visited Cuba to spread “climate change” propaganda as part of a delegation with the National Resources Defense Council, the Washington Free Beacon reported.

He then came back in 2014 and has since praised Cuba’s socialist health care system, adding that the country produces healthier citizens than the United States.

Also, in a November 2023 interview, RFK Jr. positively talked about Castro, remembering the time he and his children spent with the communist dictator, calling him “incredibly charming.”

“He was very, very kind to me and my family and he had a very open, engaged mind and I talked to him about a million things,” RFK Jr. said.

He even claimed that, while he was closely working with Castro, he was able to stop Cuba from developing a nuclear power plant and instead introduce Castro to “new European turbines” and gas power.

“We were asking him not to build it, and ultimately he held its construction,” RFK Jr. said.

Shortly after visiting the country in 2014, RFK Jr. posted a photo of himself and his sons diving underwater off the coast of Cuba.

Most Americans were barred from directly traveling to the country at the time, until Barack Obama, another communist sympathizer, relaxed Cuban travel restrictions in 2016.

RFK Jr.’s children also received “lengthy letters” from Castro, with one of RFK Jr.’s sons, Connor, going as far as praising and defending the Cuban regime in a 2014 essay for the far-left website EcoWatch.

“While we blame Cuba for not allowing their citizens to travel freely to the U.S., we restrict our own citizens from traveling freely to Cuba. In that sense, the embargo seems particularly anti-American. Why does my passport say that I can’t visit Cuba? Why can’t I go where I want to go?” the son wrote.


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