Run, Forrest, Run!: Leftist Chicago Mayor Storms Off Event to Evade Questions


(Luis Cornelio, Headline USA) Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson showcased his sprinting skills on Thursday when reporters approached him for questions about a murdered police officer. 

Following a community event in Chicago, Johnson hastily made his way to his security vehicle as reporters attempted to surround him with inquiries about the killing of Chicago Officer Luis Huesca. 

“Mr. Mayor, please wait—Mr. Mayor! Mr. Mayor, why do you have to run from us?” a woman can be heard questioning in a video shared by journalist Darius Johnson.

Chicago is currently grieving over the tragic killing of Huesca, whose death sparked a citywide manhunt for the suspect, now identified as Xavier Tate, Jr. Authorities accuse Tate of fatally shooting Huesca during a carjacking on April 21.

Meanwhile, Johnson is contending with the rampant illegal immigration and growing concerns regarding lawlessness in Chicago.

On Thursday, the mayor attended a National Day of Prayer in Eaglewood, Chicago.

As the event concluded, Johnson was seen leaving the park surrounded by his security guards and other individuals, presumably his aides. 

As reporters rushed to ask him questions, Johnson hurriedly boarded his SUV. 

“Why do you have to run from us? Mr. Mayor, why would you run from us,” the same reporter asked, as the SUV left. 

Following the incident, Johnson’s office cllaimed that the individual depicted in the video running was not the mayor, despite evidence to the contrary.

“That isn’t Mayor Brandon Johnson in the video and the person that is being filmed running was trying to catch the car before it departed,” the mayor’s office asserted, according to the reporter who first shared the video.

The emergence of the video showing Johnson evading questions coincided with accusations challenging his fitness to lead Chicago.

Earlier this year, Johnson made headlines when reports surfaced revealing his alleged treatment for “panic attacks” attributed to job-related stress.

According to reporter Anita Padilla and podcast host John Kass, the mayor had taken antidepressants. 

“No amount of anti-depressants can cure him of this problem,” Kass said.  

Later in the podcast, Padilla concurred, asking, “Can we talk about that? Because sources told me, two sources told me that he has been in the hospital for these panic attacks. And he is stressed out because this is a big, big job for him.”


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