Russia Deploys Battle Dolphins to Black Sea


Rest tight, Russian navy. Fin is on guard versus those troublesome Ukrainian frogmen.

According to U.S. Naval Institute Information, in late February– as Russia was gearing up to begin its pounding of Ukraine– the Russian navy placed two dolphin pens at the entry to the harbor of Sevastopol, a port that became part of Ukraine until Russia got it in 2014.

The electrical outlet reported that satellite images verified the existence of the dolphin pens.

Sevastopol is a vital Black Sea port and also a significant Russian installation.

USNI reported that the dolphins can have been positioned there to defend against undersea strikes from scuba divers and to “stop Ukrainian unique operations pressures from infiltrating the harbor undersea to undermine warships.”

The Soviet Union established marine creature programs during the Cold Battle.

A 2014 record from The Moscow Times declared that the Soviets “utilized the Sevastopol base to educate the mammals for military functions such as planting dynamites on ships or searching for mines.”

The Soviet dolphin program was taken over by Ukraine when the USSR imploded in 1991, however went back to Russian control after the intrusion of Crimea.

Russia has an aquatic creature system in the Black Sea and in the Arctic. The Arctic arm of the marine creature department consists of Beluga whales as well as seals.

In 2019, a Beluga whale was identified in Norway that anglers believed had actually been educated by the Russian navy.

Russia’s Black Sea dolphins were deployed in 2018 in the Mediterranean Sea, where the nation has a base in Syria.

According to the Naval Info Warfare Facility, the united state Navy has educated dolphins and sea lions considering that 1959.

“Dolphins normally possess the most sophisticated finder known to science. Mines and also other possibly harmful items on the sea floor that are tough to discover with digital finder, specifically in coastal shallows or chaotic harbors, are quickly discovered by the dolphins,” the NIWC states on its site.

“Both dolphins as well as sea lions have excellent reduced light vision and underwater directional hearing that allow them to detect as well as track undersea targets, also in dark or dirty waters.”

“Someday it may be possible to finish these missions with underwater drones, …


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