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Among the numerous apocryphal phrases imputed to the theologian and also Catholic saint Thomas Aquinas was “hominem unius libri timeo.”

A very loose translation of the Latin phrase is still in use, typically by people favorably adverse any type of reference of scriptural knowledge: “Beware the male of one book.”

While its place in modern argot absolutely isn’t exactly how Aquinas initially meant it, the message is clear: If you want to believe in that dusty old Scripture, go right ahead, but don’t you attempt use it as a guide permanently or embrace any of its more restrictive precepts in public.

Thanks to the dominating social current, the guy of one book is scorned, ridiculed and discarded as outmoded and also intolerant.

On Wednesday, however, he can be said to have scored a tiny success– for, as it ends up, he’s obtained one book further than “The View” co-host Happiness Behar.

(Behar is normally intolerant of virtually any type of scriptural principles– yet unfortunately, she’s rarely the only one in the entertainment industry who really feels that way. Right here at The Western Journal, we have actually been chronicling Hollywood’s battle against conventional spiritual worths– and we’ll remain to hold the facility media to account. You can help us by subscribing.)

Behar as well as her co-panelists were going over a speech by Mike Pence at the University of Virginia on Tuesday evening where the previous vice president was asked, “If one of your kids appeared to you as gay, exactly how would certainly you respond? What would you inform them?”

“I ‘d look them in the eye and tell them, ‘I enjoy you,'” Pence responded.

“I believe marriage was commissioned by God and instituted in the legislation,” he claimed. “But we live in a pluralistic society, as well as the way we go forward and also the way we collaborate as a nation united, I believe, is when we value your right to think, as well as my right to think, what our company believe.”

Alyssa Farah Lion, a former Pence assistant that has been substituting Whoopi Goldberg on the program, claimed she felt it was an indicator Pence’s sights on same-sex marriage may be changing.

An additional co-host, Julia Haart, talked about her own child’s same-sex relationship.

“To me, can pick who you wish to be and also not made to feel shame is what democracy is,” Haart claimed.

“Who made a decision that …


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