Russia Obliterates Ukraine Power Grid, Setting Up Cruel Winter in Kyiv ⋆ The heinous behavior of the Kremlin continues. ⋆ Flag And Cross


There is nothing noble about war, generally, but the way in which Russia is waging it in Ukraine is simply abominable.

The Kremlin’s troops have been so thoroughly untalented on the battlefield that they’ve resorted to cruel and criminal conduct, are no longer hiding the fact that their goal is literal genocide.

Their latest affront to the civilian population centers of the sovereign nation are just another testament to that horrid fact.

Over 10 million Ukrainians have fled the country since the start of the war, but many of those who stayed — particularly in the south and east of the country — have already been pushed to the limits of their resilience.

Daily life has become a test of survival for many, with basic necessities such as water, food and medical provisions becoming scarce. Russia has also continued to pound the country’s energy infrastructure; around 10 million people in Ukraine currently have no power as a result of Russian strikes on energy facilities over recent weeks.


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As winter sets in — with dwindling daylight hours and temperatures set to plummet as low -20 degrees Celsius (-4 degrees Fahrenheit) — officials are warning of widespread shortages of energy and heat.

Things are going to get ugly.

Power has become particularly scarce, with energy use rationed and scheduled (and, lately, unscheduled) daily blackouts imposed in many parts of the country.

And those blackouts could last for months, according to one energy company CEO, who warned Monday evening that “there may be no light for a very long time.”

“I want everyone to understand: Ukrainians will most likely have to live in a shutdown mode until at least the end of March,” Serhiy Kovalenko, CEO at Ukrainian power provider Yasno, said on Facebook Monday.

The Kremlin is already staring down the barrel of a war crimes tribunal from the European Union, and this blatant targeting of at-risk civilians could bolster the world’s case against them.


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