Russia Vows to Prep Bomb Shelters, Threatens West with Nukes ⋆ Here we go again. ⋆ Flag And Cross


Just when the world was beginning to feel a bit of the destructive doldrums of war, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine has once again been stoked to flame.

After the death of the daughter of one of Putin’s closest allies, (in a car bombing that was meant for the father), Putin is preparing another round of horrific attacks on Kyiv and the rest of Ukraine.  Officials in the US have even gone so far as to suggest that any Americans in Ukraine leave immediately.

In addition to these ramped-up responses, Russia is now suggesting that the west could be facing nuclear war with Moscow in the coming months.

Yesterday, Putin broke his silence on the killing, branding the death a “vile crime”.

Fuelled by the bombing, the enraged Kremlin have now taken things up a notch with the threat of nuclear war, according to the Daily Beast.


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Andrey Gurulyov, State Duma deputy, former deputy commander of Russia’s southern military district warned the west of impending war.

He said: “We’re at war with the United States and the UK… If the British soldiers end up on the territory of Ukraine, this war won’t be taking place in Ukraine.

And then:

The former commander called for Russia’s nuclear doctrine to be changed in a menacing speech, believing “the time of peace” had come to an end.

“Nuclear weapons could be used as needed. The time of peace has come to an end. It’s over,” he vowed.

This is far from the first time that Russia has threatened the US with nuclear war, and, given just how well the Ukrainians have been fending off Russian advances, it likely won’t be the last either.



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