Russia’s Nuke Proclivity Returns as State Television Predicts ‘Everybody Dies’ ⋆ Perhaps this is simply the kind of anarchic world view that you create after living under the tyranny of Vladimir Putin for 20 years, or perhaps this is a prophetic plea to the earth that this psycho have to be quit in all costs. ⋆ Flag And Also Cross


Russia’s nuclear fascination gives off the type of feelings of an individual that’s simply a little as well consumed with this jacked-up pickup truck or his tuned-out import. It simply feels like, you understand, they’re compensating for some severe insecurities.

And so when Vladimir Putin and also his media minions stress over the country’s nuclear toolbox, it feels like they’re doing so to shield themselves from the bitter truth that Moscow’s armed forces may be nothing by a misconception– a fact demonstrated week after week of over the last several months of their intrusion of Ukraine.

Today, this compensatory fetish took one more turn for the worse as state tv anchors started freely fantasizing regarding the end of the globe.

Russian state media are stating nuclear war appears to be “a provided” and also “everyone will certainly be damaged” if the West “presses us into a corner”.

One propagandist even suggested Western nations are the nuclear aggressors, when in reality it has only been Vladimir Putin increase nuclear rhetoric because the start of the Ukraine war.


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One more advised “taboos” associated with nuclear strikes “can be lifted in particular situations” by Russia.

The exchanges amongst commentators on Russian state TV were captured and also equated by Julia Davis, a Russian media analyst.

Sigmund Freud would have had an area day with these individuals.

The message was clearly unpleasant:

In an impassioned broadside against the West, one more propagandist, Olga Skabeeva, recommended Russia is the sufferer of Western hostility: “We will certainly not permit the damage of our nation. If you’re trying to ruin us, you will certainly be ruined together with us.

“What should we do to avoid the nuclear war, or is it currently a provided? It certainly seems that way. If they don’t quit it will come true.”

Skabeeva, that said previously today Moscow need to have flopped the UK during the Queen’s state funeral service, included: “Push us right into a corner, everyone …


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