San Francisco Buying Beer, Vodka for Homeless Alcoholics with Taxpayer


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In San Francisco, a taxpayer-funded pilot program is providing free beer and vodka to homeless individuals struggling with alcohol addiction.

The Managed Alcohol Program (MAP), operated by the city’s Department of Public Health, aims to reduce the presence of addicted individuals on the streets and minimize the need for emergency services to intervene.

“Experts say the program can save or extend lives, but critics wonder if the government would be better off funding treatment and sobriety programs instead,” Fox noted.

In 2020, the San Francisco Health Department was reported by Breitbart News to have provided alcohol, tobacco, medical cannabis, and other substances to individuals to prevent them from venturing outside during the Chinese coronavirus pandemic.

According to a Fox article, in the same year, nurses and trained workers from the California Health Care Foundation implemented managed alcohol programs in homeless shelters as well as transitional and permanent residences.

The foundation said it is “one method to minimize harm for those with alcohol use disorder.”

“By prescribing limited quantities of alcohol, the model aims to prevent potentially life-threatening effects of alcohol withdrawal, such as seizures and injuries,” the foundation added.

The program was launched amidst the pandemic and has since grown in scope.

It currently runs out of a renovated hotel in the Tenderloin neighborhood with an annual budget of $5 million.

Following a visit to the location, Adam Nathan, CEO of an AI firm and chair of the local Salvation Army chapter, voiced his criticisms of the program on social media.

“The whole thing is very odd to me and just doesn’t feel right. Providing free drugs to drug addicts doesn’t solve their problems. It just stretches them out. Where’s the recovery in all this?” he said.

Instead of addressing the root cause of alcohol addiction and offering comprehensive treatment and sobriety programs, this program perpetuates dependency on alcohol.

By providing free alcohol, the government is essentially enabling harmful behavior rather than supporting individuals in overcoming their addiction.

Furthermore, there are ethical concerns about using taxpayer money to fund a program that provides substances like alcohol to individuals who are already vulnerable and struggling with addiction.

There is a lack of accountability in ensuring that these resources are…


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