‘Satan Remains In The Trees’: Next-door Neighbors State Homeless Male Wielding Chainsaw is Terrorizing Area


Homelessness is a significant problem in numerous huge cities, as well as Austin, Texas, absolutely has its share of tent cities as well as has actually attempted various means to resolve the problem.

One area that housed a particularly huge encampment was Williamson Creek Greenbelt. A lot of individuals there have actually because been relocated along, however the former normally attractive location has actually been left scarred with garbage and debris.

The change is particularly unsatisfactory for homeowners that valued the location for its tracks and also views.

“For the initial six or seven years, my kids as well as I treked back there, explored, as did several individuals in your area,” Westlake Neighborhood resident Christina Coats-Gatz informed KTBC-TV.


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Although a dynamic encampment no more exists, one person remains, and also if you ask the locals, the tasks he’s up to are weird– even for Austin.

The male, named Rami Zawaideh, purportedly combs the greenbelt with a chainsaw, felling trees and also forming them into unsettling plans.

“Constantly walking with a chainsaw, and after that after a week he had a post saw,” claimed John James Pepper, a Westlake citizen.

Pepper said he’s called cops, taking the activity after the “setups” started appearing.

“I called them after he started developing these Blair Witch setups that are simply very weird,” Pepper said, according to KTBC. “It’s really weird times and also simply slicing as well as a saw going off, and afterwards you’ll wake up or return residence and then there’s just even more of these odd monolithic frameworks, simply stacks of what I think to be greenbelt trees.”

As well as it’s not just the trees the next-door neighbors are worried about– it’s the man’s apparently erratic habits.

“This private called Rami follows me and also says, ‘You’re taking my devices,’ and I’m like, ‘Hang on, I’m not stealing your devices, you’re not meant to be below. The city has gotten rid of everybody out; you can not build lavatories.’ He’s like, ‘I’m not constructing a latrine,’ something regarding Satan is in the trees, what’s incorrect with you, are you a Satanist,” Coats-Gatz claimed of her run-in with Zawaideh.

“What if following week God informs him to melt the entire forest? There’s people all up and down …


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