Satisfied Ending for Basset Hound Family of 12 after Mother is Found Emaciated with Her Mouth Zip-Tied Shut


There are lots of people who enjoy pet dogs, however even those that enjoy pet dogs don’t like hearing them bark at all times. It’s a problem a lot of the moment, and also there are plenty of safe, caring methods to take care of it.

Zip-tying a pet dog’s mouth shut is not one of those methods, but that’s what the Surprise Cops Department in Arizona located in March after a report of pet viciousness.

“A witness reported that a male had zip linked the mouth of a dog shut,” the authorities department shared on March 25. “Upon further examination, it was learned that this had occurred numerous times over the previous 2 weeks.”

After obtaining a search warrant for the house, investigatives made various other heartbreaking explorations.

“During the execution of the search warrant, 10 puppies lay; every one of which were struggling with numerous states of dehydration and had no access to water,” the article continued.

” In overall, 12 pet dogs were recovered that included the 10 pups and also 2 adult pet dogs. Among the grown-up pets was discovered in a skinny state and also transferred to a neighborhood valley animal hospital for immediate medical examination and also treatment.

Levi Lewis, 41, was jailed on one count of felony pet cruelty as well as 10 matters of violation animal viciousness.

The dogs, basset dogs, had actually apparently been making a lot noise that Lewis was intimidated with expulsion, so he took matters into his own hands. He ‘d zip-tied the mother pet dog’s mouth shut, and by the time she was saved, it had taken a toll on her physical problem.

It was a challenging discover even for seasoned police officers.

“I can consider some scenes in my time as a law enforcement agent and also as an investigator that it really just hits you in the digestive tract, and also this is certainly among those that truly kind of stings, as well as it leaves you with some scars,” Lieutenant Tim Klarkowski informed KSAZ-TV.

“This abhorrent treatment of pets is undesirable anywhere, yet specifically in the City of Surprise, and also we will certainly prosecute to the maximum extent of our capabilities.”

The basset dogs’ story went viral, as well as there was so much interest in taking on the mommy, daddy as well as puppies and giving them a better life that the Arizona Humane Culture had to hold an attracting to maintain things fair.

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