Schaftlein Report | Republicans win another House seat ⋆ Flag And Cross


Schaftlein Report | Republicans win another House seat

Guest – Jeffrey Dunetz

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1) David Valado (R) wins CA-22 and the Republicans now have a 220-213 advantage.

1A) Two races remain uncalled and the Republican is way ahead in one race and extremely close in the other.

The final total will either be 221-214 or 222-213 Republican control.

2) Warnock leads Walker 51-47 in AARP poll.
88% of black voters going to Warnock. 61% of 18-49 year olds and 54% of Independents for Warnock.
Voters over 49 heavily favor Walker.

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3) Oregon governor pardons 45K marijuana convictions.

4) Emerson poll shows Biden at 39% approval and 53% disapproval.

5) Jeffrey explains what a Woke Thanksgiving is.

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