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Guest – Drew Allen

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Headline – State of the Union Speech

1) 4 in 10 Americans say they are Worse off financially

2) Biden’s dismal poll numbers:
34% believe he is honest
31% feel he is competent
28% believe he can handle a crisis
28% believe he is mentally and physically competent to be President

2A) 58% of Democrats prefer someone other than Biden as their nominee
49% of Republicans prefer someone other than Trump as their nominee

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3) Democrats remove Iowa and New Hampshire from their slots in the Primary schedule.
South Carolina will go first – To no surprise

4) Spy Balloon – Nuisance or real issue?

5) Border Chiefs to testify in House hearing. Secretary Mayorkis initially said No to two officials before relenting.

6) Jay Powell talks Economics and Interest Rates at the Economic Club of Washington D.C.

7) 7.8 Earthquake kills 5,000 in Syria and Turkey

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