See: Costs Maher Shred China-Loving Celebs For Kowtowing


Pandering to communist China is the hot brand-new thing for celebrities. We have all seen in disgust as celebs like LeBron James, star John Cena, and skier Eileen Gu to the genocide country with definitely no one on the left calling them out for it.

That is, up until Costs Maher …

Maher on his program blasted the trio for kowtowing to China and putting the “totalitarian authorities state over America?”. Personally speaking, we can pack up all 3, at this point. Let them go live in the communist country. However Maher still seems to think he can reason with madness.

“Is that cool now, to select to represent a totalitarian authorities state over America?” Maher asked. “The Olympics pretends to just be about sports, but of course, the games have actually constantly been a little a proxy war for which nation has the very best system. And by selecting Team China, Eileen Gu became a living sign of China’s triumph over the West, which would not trouble me so much if I believed China had triumphed over us in the manner ins which actually matter. But they haven’t.”

“Now, we do have human rights concerns right here in the house, we do, but we’re still at least, for another 3 years, a democracy based on flexibility, and they are an authoritarian surveillance state based on ‘How would you like to vanish for a couple of months?'” Maher stated. “Like that tennis gamer [Peng Shuai] who recently vanished for a while when she stated she had been raped by a federal government authorities. We do still throw too many black people in jail, however viewpoint matters. China has actually essentially jailed a whole ethnic minority, the Uyghurs, a circumstance that both the Trump and Biden administrations [have] called a genocide. America is not near that. And it’s a cynical evade to pretend that China’s sins must be ignored since all of us do it. No.”

“In America, we’re supposed to root for democratic government, not apologize for it,” Maher stated. “But the NBA has a television deal with China worth a billion-and-a-half dollars. So, LeBron James stated Morey required to be ‘educated on the scenario,’ the situation being, ‘I have actually got some shoes to sell.'”

“‘Kowtow’ is a Chinese word, however boy, Americans have gotten proficient at it,” Maher stated, keeping in mind that business get to Chinese markets just if they do not upset the Chinese Communist Party … Source

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