SHOCKING VIDEO Shows Pelosi’s Goons Almost Beat Female Trump Proponent To Fatality


Victoria White coming from Rochester, Minnesota attended the Cease the Steal rally in DC on January 6th, 2021. She was actually later on arrested for the attack on the Capitol building, but she was the one who was attacked as well as her legal representative has actually released a video recording that confirms she was actually the dealt with and not the assailant. Capitol cops attacked her along with their batons after she received driven into the passage and after that attempted to get back out.

Depending on to attorney Joseph McBride:

She is struck around thirty- five times over the course of 4 moments and 30 few seconds, while looking begging for mercy the whole entire opportunity. She is fined the baton while experiencing away. She is hit with the baton while facing forward. She is actually speared as well as jabbed along with the baton regarding the skin therefore in order to inflict maximum ache. She falls down more than when and also is stood due to the officers simply to become maced as well as hammered once more. Eventually, White-shirt does away with his baton, certainly not because he is showing grace considering that he has a crystal clear method to her face. Because of this, he unloads on the unarmed girl drilling her five times in five seconds, straight in the skin, with every one of his might.

Certainly not once in the DOJ document do they define the brutal beating had actually obtained from the Capitol building Cops, who undoubtedly is guilty of submitting an inaccurate record on the case. In the online video, you can see a police in a white t shirt wailing away at her along with each one of his might.


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