Social Media Comes for Small Police Department Over Pic with Rittenhouse


A small, central Texas police department is taking heat for refusing to bow to the woke mob and apologize for posting a photo of Second Amendment icon Kyle Rittenhouse.

The Thrall Police Department in Thrall, Texas, just north of Austin, recently posted a photo of an encounter with Rittenhouse that one of its officers had. But as soon as the department posted the photo to its Facebook page, the leftist detractors went wild.

Kyle Rittenhouse, of course, is the teen who was forced to defend his life from violent protesters during the Black Lives Matter protests in August 2020 in Kenosha, Wisconsin. And who was arrested for murder, prosecuted but completely exonerated.

This month, the Thrall Police posted a photo of an officer meeting Rittenhouse with a caption reading, “Make those stops, you never know who you might meet. Today it was Kyle Rittenhouse, welcome to Texas.”

As soon as the post showed up on the department’s Facebook page, the detractors began hectoring the department for daring to post the photo.


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Despite the loud criticism, though, the department refused to apologize to the woke mob. The department actually doubled down on its encounter with Rittenhouse.

They went back onto the post and added more.

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“I must have missed something,” the department’s addition read, “I believed that this young man was arrested, charged, indicted and then found not guilty by a jury of his peers. Is this not how our country works anymore? The hate in these comments is terrible, if you have information that is contrary to that I would honestly love to hear it.”

The post earned more than 13,000 likes, nearly 2,000 shares and more than 1,700 comments. And the post remains live on the department’s Facebook page.

Rittenhouse has become a major target of the left since he traveled from his Illinois home to Kenosha, Wisconsin, and helped protect business and homeowners from the protesters that took over…


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