Solomon: Is Elon Musk Sabotaging Twitter?


In this week’s episode of the Elon Musk Twitter drama, the audience asks yourself whether he is purposefully attempting to screw up the business.

Just looking at the contours of the mathematics, assume that Musk’s yearly financial debt payment is close to the $1 billion it has been widely reported to be. If he can drive the business right into personal bankruptcy, that’s one method to decrease his settlement.

Certainly, the largest as well as probably the very least reported Musk information from the previous week is that the banks that lent Musk the money to buy Twitter are marketing the financial debt. Bloomberg reported that these financial institutions are trying to unload Twitter debt for as low as 60 cents on the dollar.

So if the institutional cash behind Musk’s procurement of Twitter is actually nervous sufficient to be offloading Twitter debt, personal bankruptcy goes to the very least something Musk can see on the horizon. Which horizon appears to be loaded with more challenges of his very own production every week– numerous that a close and mindful onlooker really needs to quit and also ask whether he is crafting Twitter’s autumn.

One of the lowlights of the week was Musk shooting himself in the foot by alienating a major advertiser, Eli Lilly.


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At once when Musk independently recognizes and also is publicly interacting the need for Twitter to generate dramatically more advertising revenue, a fake Twitter account introduced that Eli Lilly is currently supplying cost-free insulin. Completion result of this tweet from what appeared to individuals to be a validated Eli Lilly account expense the business an approximated $15 billion from its market cap.

Attorney Michael Epstein commented, “The trust between advertisers and the platforms on which they advertise is always a rare point. It is always the responsibility of the system to ensure that no avoidable injury is done to the marketer’s brand name. Plainly, this wasn’t the case with Twitter and Eli Lilly. As soon as the count on is barged in these relationships, it is usually irreversible.”

What might also be permanent is the injury to Musk’s various other companies. There is constantly the extremely actual threat that as Twitter’s ton of money head southern, Tesla will certainly comply with. There is greater than a little nervousness on the market that between Musk

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