Songs Stops Mid-Song as Radio Host Dies Suddenly Survive On Air, Suspected Cause of Death Revealed


< img src=" "alt="" > A long time British radio host died suddenly Monday.

Tim Gough died at his residence in Lackford, Suffolk, during his breakfast show on GenX Radio.

Gough died at 55 because of a believed cardiovascular disease, according to the Independent.

Gough was a hr into his breakfast show when the music stopped during a song.

The tune, according to The Sunlight, was “Grey Day” by Madness.


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After a pause, the show’s songs returned to, according to the Independent.

“It is with the heaviest of hearts that I have to notify you, our bosom friend as well as breakfast host Tim Gough died this morning whilst offering his program.

“Our love to his family members, child, sister, brother and mom. Tim was doing what he loved. He was 55 years of ages. Slit buddy,” a rep of GenX stated in a declaration.

“To understand Tim directly, as I did extremely carefully for over 30 years, was to understand a cozy, caring, enjoyable guy who myself and also my family members loved dearly. We are sad by the news,” James Hazell, handling director of GenX Radio, claimed.

“I understand his family members are tremendously comforted by the thousands of loving messages that have actually been gotten and also have asked for privacy at this devastating time,” he claimed.


Songs Quits Mid-Song as Radio Host Dies Suddenly Live on Air, Suspected Reason of Death Revealed

“Sad today. A phone call after lunchtime confirmed the news that none people could have expected,” radio host Jason King tweeted.


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