Study: Certain Types of Music Soothe Anxious Pooches ⋆ Turns out Fido has a thing for Bob Marley and The Bee Gees. ⋆ Flag And Cross


For a vast number of Americans, dogs are a part of the family.  These four-legged companions are loved unconditionally, doted upon incessantly, and pampered in ways that many of us aren’t – even by our spouses.

And, much like their human counterparts, our canine pals enjoy a range of emotions, from tail-wagging happiness to thunder-induced terror.  Many pooches even experience anxiety, whether that be from their human friends, a trip to the veterinarian, or even a car ride.

A new study now shows that some dogs can be soothed by music, and certain types seem to help out our furry friends better than others.

If your dog gets stressed on long car rides, don’t worry, just put on some Bee Gees! Researchers are sharing the 10 most calming songs for dogs, with the 1977 hit “’How Deep is Your Love” topping the charts.

It turns out two in three dog owners say their furry friends gets stressed out while traveling. That’s bad news for the 75 percent planning to take their pet on a staycation this year, with 72 percent of these dog owners traveling by car.


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And it’s not just the Bee Gees.

Luckily, Sam Sutton, senior lecturer of music at the University of West London, has compiled the perfect playlist to soothe your dog’s nerves in the car. Also making the list are Bob Marley’s “No Woman No Cry,” Bryan Adams’ “(Everything I Do) I’ll Do It for You,” and Foreigner’s “I Want to Know What Love Is.”

Two genres in particular seemed to be Fido’s favorites.

“A recent research study from the University of Glasgow suggests music can indeed affect dogs’ behavior,” Sutton says in a statement. “Dogs were exposed to a variety of sounds and styles to assess physiological and behavioral changes. The interesting thing they witnessed was that dogs displayed positive behavioral changes when exposed to certain music types. Reggae and soft rock appear to have been the canine tunes of choice.

So, the next time that your pup-pal is feeling a little nervous, maybe reach back into your record collection for some Peter Cetera or Hall and Oates.


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