Team Trump Releases Evidence That Blows 2020 WIDE OPEN


ICYMI| There is only one thing that frightens Democrats to death. If you guessed voters, you’d be wrong. They have found a way to win without them. What scares the bejeebers out of them is simply the truth. The Democratic show trial put on by Liz Cheney and her eight little Democrats avoided the truth like it was Ted Kennedy driving across the Chappaquiddick River after a night of partying.

Fortunately, Trump’s spokeswoman Liz Harrington was on hand to tweet out some very inconvenient truths that the J6 committee did not want you to see. Those were chock full of truths. Her tweets were so much more entertaining than the well-orchestrated lies viewers of the show trial were able to produce. Not that would be a hard task. Just saying. The  main theme of Cheney and the rest of the Democrats was false claims by Trump that the election was less than honest, which they call The Big Lie.

From The Gateway Pundit

The first tweet covered Philadelphia kicking out Republican poll watchers before counting 682,00 votes.

The second tweet was about the fraud paid for by Zuckerbucks in nursing homes with patients who were unable to even understand what or whom they were voting for.

Voting rates in nursing homes ran an impossible 95% to 100% voter rate.

Maricopa County destroyed election data that by law must be preserved for 22 months in Maricopa County. Curiously, the material was destroyed just one day before a forensic audit was to begin. Corrupt Arizona AG Mark Brnovich ignored the criminal act.


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