Ted Cruz: Inflation Is so Bad that Antifa, Eric Swalwell and Hunter Biden All Have One Thing in Common


The 2022 midterms are less than two weeks away, and high-profile Republicans are out in force stumping for GOP candidates who could benefit from a last-minute boost across the finish line.

Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz ventured out a bit westwardly and hit the campaign trail for New Mexico GOP congresswoman Yvette Herrell on Monday night, according to Las Cruces Sun News. He fired up what was clearly an energized, excited audience during his stop at the New Mexico Farm and Ranch Heritage Museum.

The Texas senator used a bit of wicked humor to torch Hunter Biden, California Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell and the thugs who make up the ranks of the unofficial domestic terrorist group known as Antifa in a beautiful zinger that emphasized just how bad inflation is under President Joe Biden.

“[Inflation] is so bad that ANTIFA can’t afford BRICKS, Eric Swalwell can’t afford Chinese dinners, and HUNTER BIDEN can’t afford CRACK,” Cruz said while on stage, eliciting wild applause and cheers from the audience.


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Cruz spent considerable time hammering away at the Biden administration and Democratic leaders, like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, for allowing inflation to rise to its current record-setting level, triggering a new level of struggle for everyday, hard-working Americans. Inflation is one of the top issues for American voters as they prepare to cast their votes Nov. 7.

“We’re going to fire Nancy Pelosi,” Cruz said.

Given New Mexico’s proximity to Biden’s immigration crisis at the southern U.S. border, both Cruz and Herrell hit on the white-hot issue. Cruz detailed the horrors taking place at and near the border, and he highlighted the importance of strong leaders like Herrell winning the election to help begin to regain control of the out-of-control immigration situation.

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